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Magical Creatures
In a playful homage to our favourite magical creatures and the castle grounds they roam, hand-painted portraits of fantastic beasts are framed with twists of bark from the Forbidden Forest, blooming with our very own heritage roses.
Find Hermoine’s Crookshanks, Neville’s Trevor and even Hagrid’s longed-for dragon Norbert amongst our favourite furry characters and mischievous critters.
Spells and Charms
Expecto Portronum! For our Spells & Charms print, our design team join the ranks of Dumbledore’s Army to cast their own. Including the unique wands of our best-loved characters, Harry’s stag is joined by Hermoine’s otter, Ron’s dog and Luna’s rabbit.
All enchantingly entwined around delicate wisps of trailing flowers and stars, taken from heritage Cath Kidston prints.
Forbidden Forest
For this placement scene, our print team reimagine The Forbidden Forest – a landscape of magical mystery– with the reassuringly warm glow of Hagrid’s Hut at the centre.
Teeming with magical creatures painted in lovingly intricate detail, from Buckbeak, to Fang, to Fluffy, each scene has been placed carefully in a repeat, surrounded by a tiny button spot – each one drawn and placed by hand.