Pongo and Perdita Mug

Was HK$150.00 Now HK$75.00

Small Puppies and Roses ID Tag

Was HK$110.00 Now HK$66.00

Dalmatian Spot Kids Pocket Purse

Was HK$120.00 Now HK$72.00

Puppies and Roses Stanley Mug

Was HK$120.00 Now HK$72.00

Dalmatian Spot Ceramic Coaster

Was HK$90.00 Now HK$45.00

Pongo and Perdita Ceramic Travel Cup

Was HK$270.00 Now HK$135.00

Peekaboo Spot Kids Lunch Bag

Was HK$190.00 Now HK$95.00

Small Puppies and Roses Book Bag

Was HK$350.00 Now HK$210.00

Small Puppies and Roses Zip Purse

Was HK$130.00 Now HK$78.00

Small Puppies and Roses Pocket Purse

Was HK$390.00 Now HK$234.00

Dalmatian Spot Kids Puppy Pocket Book Bag

Was HK$290.00 Now HK$174.00

Dalmatian Spot Wash Bag

Was HK$350.00 Now HK$175.00

Puppy Spot Leather Small Continental Wallet

Was HK$890.00 Now HK$445.00

Button Spot Dalmatian Continental Wallet

Was HK$490.00 Now HK$245.00

Button Spot Shaped Dalmatian iPhone 7 Case

Was HK$330.00 Now HK$165.00

Peekaboo Spot Kids Padded Rucksack

Was HK$490.00 Now HK$245.00

Townhouse Dogs Foldaway Overnight Bag

Was HK$690.00 Now HK$414.00

Dalmatian Spot Reversible Shoulder Tote

Was HK$790.00 Now HK$395.00