Ashdown Rose Dinner Plate

Was HK$130.00 Now HK$65.00

Ashdown Rose Side Plate

Was HK$110.00 Now HK$55.00

Ashdown Rose Set of 2 Espresso Cups

Was HK$220.00 Now HK$110.00

Ashdown Rose Dessert Plate

Was HK$130.00 Now HK$65.00

Spray Ditsy Rice Bowl

Was HK$80.00 Now HK$48.00

Ashdown Rose Teapot

Was HK$520.00 Now HK$260.00

Ashdown Rose Water Bottle

Was HK$230.00 Now HK$115.00

Painterly Rose Cake Stand

Was HK$380.00 Now HK$266.00

Ashdown Rose 3 Tier Cake Stand

Was HK$690.00 Now HK$345.00

Ashdown Rose Tea For One

Was HK$530.00 Now HK$265.00

Woodland Rose Wooden 3 Tier Cake Stand

Was HK$650.00 Now HK$455.00

Clocks Cake Stand

Was HK$420.00 Now HK$294.00

London Tea Cosy

Was HK$350.00 Now HK$245.00

London Teapot

Was HK$520.00 Now HK$364.00

Highgate Ditsy Set of 4 Teacups & Saucers

Was HK$720.00 Now HK$432.00

Trailing Floral Pot Holder

Was HK$140.00 Now HK$112.00

Guards & Friends Trio Set

Was HK$450.00 Now HK$315.00

London 3 Tier Cake Stand

Was HK$690.00 Now HK$414.00

Ashdown Rose Breakfast Cup & Saucer

Was HK$290.00 Now HK$145.00

Hedgehog Condiment Pot

Was HK$190.00 Now HK$95.00

Clocks Pie Dish

Was HK$390.00 Now HK$273.00

Guards Salt & Pepper Shakers

Was HK$290.00 Now HK$145.00

London Tea Tin

Was HK$140.00 Now HK$70.00

Ashdown Rose Cereal Bowl

Was HK$130.00 Now HK$65.00

Hedgehog Salt & Pepper

Was HK$290.00 Now HK$174.00

Gnome Tea Cosy

Was HK$390.00 Now HK$195.00

Clocks Salt & Pepper

Was HK$270.00 Now HK$189.00

Lace Hearts Heart Shaped Pot Holder

Was HK$230.00 Now HK$115.00